Lurking in the Shadows


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Table of Contents

Chapter 01: At The Beginning
Chapter 02: Of Rivals and Parolees
Chapter 03: A Life-Changing Lunch and Lisa's First Loss
Chapter 04: Rest Before the Fire
Chapter 05: Evil Camp of Doom
Chapter 06: University Infiltration
Chapter 07: Getting Her Calculus and Her Gym Battle On
Chapter 08: In the House of Stone
Chapter 09: Stumbling Through
Chapter 10: Lisa Takes a Gamble
Chapter 11: Contests and Brawn and Interviews, Oh, My!
Chapter 12: When Pikachus and Old Men Attack!
Chapter 13: Bad Luck Lisa
Chapter 14: A Corporate Affair
Chapter 15: Turning Up the Heat- Eighties Style!
Chapter 16: Enter the Cat: When Nurses Attack!
Chapter 17: The Electric Slide
Chapter 18: Playing Bumper Cars
Chapter 19: A Volcanic Showdown Years in the Making
Chapter 20: A Haunting Experience
Chapter 21: Lisa Northwood, Coordinator?
Chapter 22: Meet the Commanders
Chapter 23: Thanksgiving in Traction
Chapter 24: Back in Action
Chapter 25: Meeting With the Breeders
Chapter 26: Yarr! Pirate Out of Water!
Chapter 27: Not Your Typical Chemistry Lab
Chapter 28: Lisa Has the Right to Remain Silent!
Chapter 29: A Meeting of Minds
Chapter 30: Enter the Boss! Show Him No Quarter!
Chapter 31: Battling in Glass Houses
Chapter 32: Secrets of the Safari Zone
Chapter 33: Shutting Down Thrash's Shop
Chapter 34: Two Epic Rematches: Will Lisa Prevail?
Chapter 35: Partners in (Stopping) Crime!
Chapter 36: Production Failure
Chapter 37: A Chance to Reflect
Chapter 38: Waterlogged!
Chapter 39: Gonna Battle Like It's 1979!
Chapter 40: Adventures on Deck
Chapter 41: To Defuse Or Not to Defuse
Chapter 42: Coordinate This!
Chapter 43: Contesting For the Win
Chapter 44: Crashing the Party
Chapter 45: Stranded?
Chapter 46: Bad Lisa, Bad Lisa, Whatcha Gonna Do?
Chapter 47: Lisa and Sadie: Grounded?
Chapter 48: Preparing For the Worst
Chapter 49: Infiltration Time: Let's Get Dangerous!
Chapter 50: Out of the Shadows: Terror Unleashed
Chapter 51: Christmas in Marquis
Chapter 52: Gym Battle Double Trouble!
Chapter 53: A Different League
Chapter 54: A Palmetto State Homecoming

Chapter 55: The Epilogue